All of our hoods are constructed from 304 Stainless Steel. Slots to fit a rotisserie assembly are built-in to all of our hoods. They feature a heavy duty stainless steel handle and thermometers.


The standard hood is a traditional hood that has a hinge at the rear. Unlike many grills where the hood is hinged at the grill surface this features a built-in wind screen that protects your cooking surface as you cook. This hood features two thermometers on either side of the hood for an accurate cooking temperature reading across the grilling surface.

Roll-top Hood

This hood is an upgrade from our standard hood. It features a taller windscreen that surrounds the entire cooking surface. The hood is balanced in the middle and is light weight, offering more than enough room to fit a rotisserie. This makes the roll-top the most versatile hood we offer.

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Note: Hoods DO NOT include toasting rack and rotisserie

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