LazyMan Grill’s FAQ

-Why is tank and line freezing (A3 & A4) (Elite & Country Club)?

-Tank is not big enough, smallest you can use is 30lb, 40 lb is better but ideally a 100lb works the best.


-Coal Grates for LM210’s and Model 26 (Do we have)

-We have replaced the coal grates with flavor enhancers, it helps to distribute the heat and grease better.


-Can I convert my grill to LP/NG?

-Yes! We offer conversion kits for either Liquid Propane (LP) or Natural Gas (NG)


-Orifice sizes please refer to our online user manuals under (Contacts & Support).


-What is the Water Column for LP/NG?

-LP 9″-11″ W.C.

-NG 5″-7″ W.C.


-What kind of materials can my grill be built into?

-without a Insulation kit the material must be non-combustible.

-if installing into combustible materials you must use a Insulation kit.


-What kind of material are the grills made of?

-304 Stainless Steel


-Can grill be installed into an indoor kitchen?

-No! These grills are strictly for outdoor use ONLY.


-Is it ok to use stainless steel flex hose for LP?

-Stainless Steel Flex hose is ok for Liquid Propane

-Never use a rubber hose in a concealed area.


-Why is my Big 60 leaving soot on my pots?

-There may be debris in the burner. Remove the burner and blow out with compressed air and check the holes where the

flames come out to make sure they are clear.

You still may get some soot on your pots due to how much gas is being burned.


-Why is my flame yellow after installing new burners?

-New burners will give off a yellow flame until the oils are burned off, if the flame is still yellow after a few uses the burner

needs more air, gradually adjust air shutter until you get less of a yellow flame.


-Does my Model A (Elite & Country Club) need a coal grate?

-No, the lava rock needs to be in the pan with the burners, don’t totally cover the burners with the lava rock.


-I took the lava rock out of my Model A, (Elite & Country Club) to clean it and now it’s not burning right?

-In order for your Model A to burn properly the lava rock needs to be in the insert pan to help with air mixture and even heating.


-Can I purchase a hose & regulator from my local hardware store?

-It is recommended to use to only use Lazy Man OEM parts for optimal performance.


-Is there a service person/dealer in my area?

-Go to, in the blue bar at the top of the page is a section “Find a service center or dealer”, enter you zip code      and a list will come up if there is any in your area. If not search the web for gas grill service in your area.


-I ordered burners from Amazon and they didn’t last.

-We do not sell our parts on Amazon, therefore they are not genuine Lazy Man Parts.


-What is covered under Lazy Man’s Warranty?

-On Lazy Man’s Website under Contact & Support is a copy of our Warranty.

-Warranty is Valid for original Owner only and is nontransferable.


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