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3D CAD Drawings for built-in and freestanding gas grill's

Download and import the multi-view drawings. We have made available  DWG and PDF versions of all the files. While designing a outdoor kitchen keep in mind that all built-in grills must be installed into a non-combustable surface. The built-in grills may  be installed into a combustable surface by lining the opening with 1/2″ USG DUROCK cement board or 1/4″ HardieBacker when installed in compliance with National Evaluation Report NER-405 and following all Local, State and Federal building codes. You must check with your local inspector before choosing this route.

LazyMan does offer 304 stainless steel insulation kits that compliment Masterpiece LM210 series built-in grills. This kit includes left, right, back and bottom pieces. If are designing with multiple grill heads or side burners that are side-by-side spacers are provided for ease of installation and appearance.

PDF & DWG for Bult-in Grill and Island Accessories;



Adobe PDFNOTE: MacOS X, iOS and Android users may experience difficulty viewing 3D PDF files. These files have only been tested with the official Adobe Acrobat reader.